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Jun 10, 2012 Comments Off on About the PCO Liberty Alliance PLA Admin

The PCO Liberty Alliance is a grassroots organization that consists of like minded PCOs and PCO Candidates who have gathered together around a set of binding principles in order to further common political objectives. These binding principles significantly revolve around having a small federal government, local control whenever possible, and having a local republican party which provides an open forum for citizens’ voices.  The group has gathered on common ground in Clark County, Washington.

As individuals we do not agree on every domestic and/or international issue.  But when it comes to the kind of Republican Party we would like to have in Clark County, we have developed a list of objectives we support and which reflects our binding principles.  You will find a list of those objectives here.

A key goal of the PCOs elected from this effort is to identify and elect local Republican Officers who share the political fundamentals and values which drive our political objectives.  We intend to help elect a CCRP Chair and Officers based upon their philosophy, their leadership ability, competence, and positive track record in our community.    Our hope is to make our Clark County Republican Party the best advocate for and enabler of We The People , while never forgetting that a major role of the party should be to provide a structure within which ideas and candidates can freely come forth from the grassroots and rise or fall on their own merit without being promoted or undermined by the establishment.

The PCO Liberty Alliance (PCOLA) was founded to support and help elect Republican PCO candidates who 1) generally support the published objectives of PCOLA; and 2) would like to leverage the collaborative structure of PCOLA for their election. PCOLA expressly does not endorse, recommend or fund any non-PCO political candidate, political policy, initiative, or any other activity unrelated to the explicit objective of helping its allied PCO candidates become elected. The views and actions of the individual PCO candidates associated with the PCOLA group and founding members of PCOLA, acting as individuals, are neither controlled nor endorsed in any way by PCOLA. Links to other resources from any PCOLA website are for informational purposes and the content of any linked resource is not fully reviewed or endorsed in any way by the PCO Liberty Alliance. The appearance of any political candidate in front of PCOLA associated PCO candidates or at any PCOLA sponsored event does not imply PCOLA endorsement of the candidate in any way. Any information distributed at any PCOLA event or to any PCOLA list is strictly educational in nature and in no way implies endorsement of any person, initiative or local or national issue.