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There is much consternation about the Rule 12 amendments at the RNC convention in Tampa.  Truly, it is an exercise in a form of tyranny, and makes control of the party rules and delegate selection a top-down process, locking out the grass roots.  But it DOES NOT dis-empower us in any of our efforts.

Here is the reality:  This rule change allows them to manipulate the delegate selection process, true.  However, they have been doing this already.  This rule change allows them to change the rules at will.  But they have been doing that already (or just flat out ignoring them).  Our movement is not affected by this rule change.  Why?  Because our movement is about replacing any leadership which has been dodging, disregarding and manipulating the rules.  This rule change does not affect our ability to rid the party of the establishment mentality which infects it.

We are still able to effect the changes we desire:

  • We change/reform the Clark County GOP leadership, by-laws and rules.
  • We coordinate with other counties in WA to do the same.
  • We reach out to key counties in other states to do the same.
  • If enough grassroots take leadership of enough county GOP’s in our state, then we replace the STATE GOP leadership.

This protects us from this rule 12 type of activity within our state.  This can happen in the next two years.  During that same two year cycle, we may see this being accomplished in some other states.

In the next 2-4 years, if the grassroots takes leadership of enough state parties, then the national party leadership will be replaced.  It is the state party leaderships which vote in the national party leadership, just as our county party leaderships vote in our state party leadership.

The rule changes of today do not stop this from happening.  This has been our original plan, and is not affected by this rule change one bit.

What this rule change DOES do, is put our current national party leadership on the record as tyrants – something that now we can use as evidence to back up our accusations.  It is something we can use as a rallying cry, a focal point, a catalyst, and as proof that these people must be replaced with honest leadership.

Just as the Clark County Convention fiasco was the catalyst for the birth of the PCO Liberty Alliance coalition and our ongoing victories, so will this rule change be the rallying point for spreading our efforts across the state and the country.  Similar efforts are already ongoing in other states.  We can be a major part of turning these diabolical actions of today into the construct of their own defeat.

They have constructed the petard upon which they shall be hoisted.

According to reports received from Tampa, the unifying affects of this action are already being felt.  This can be another seminal event in unifying teaparty, liberty and social conservative activists.  This abomination will simply help us broaden our coalition by making it easier for us to find new friends and allies, and making them more receptive to our message.

Over the next two months, the best way to help ourselves achieve our objectives is to focus upon building our precincts and involving more voters in the local republican party.  Our get out the vote efforts in this general election cycle will help our local candidates, and we do have some good local candidates who need to be elected.  It doesn’t matter if you are not enthusiastic about every single local candidate.  Serve your precincts.  Learn about our local candidates’ voting records and agendas and inform your neighbors.  Help your neighbors become involved and learn to care about their vote again.  Your neighbors can make their own decision about who they will and will not vote for.  Let’s just serve them by giving them the information and building our personal credibility with them.

This process will greatly help THE PEOPLE become involved in our party, and THE PEOPLE will filter through the candidates to determine who does and does not deserve to hold local office.   We have faith in THE PEOPLE, right?  We must activate those who are discouraged, those who are cynical, those who believe they do not matter, those who have been driven away by the establishment party politics of both parties.  Those of us who have knocked on doors of unidentified voters know that this attitude is prolific.  There are many more people who would be happy and excited to know that it really is Time For The People to Lead The Party.  The number of “disgusted voters” is probably significant enough to turn any election if they can be activated.  We must give them a reason to become active again.  They will help us deliver local conservative victories, which will in turn give us credibility as a powerful political force, and that is how our neighbors will help us to have the strength to reform our party.

Now is not the time to lose heart.  Many great efforts of freedom in our history have at many critical points been tempted to concede defeat.  It is our trial by fire.  We shall use that fire to steel our resolve.  Fear not.  We have not yet begun to fight.


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