Clark County PCOLA Objectives Our purpose, and the agenda we are putting forward

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of the

  • Clark County Republican leadership which provides a neutral primary process, allowing ideas and candidates to flow up from the grassroots, succeeding or failing on their own merit without interference from party leadership.  Candidates who are not perceived as being “selected” by the party will have greater success unifying rank and file behind them in general elections.
  • Culture of educated and informed volunteers by establishing requirements for training of PCOs prior to caucuses, of other leaders and delegates prior to conventions, and regularly scheduled meetings of the Central Committee.
  • Official processes which are open and proactively disclosed, by publishing proposed rules well in advance of caucuses and conventions, and keeping the Central Committee advised of Executive Board activities through regular distribution of minutes and/or a Central Committee newsletter.
  • Caucus process maintained and improved as a means to build party unity and collaboration, empower the grassroots and foster personal interaction and debate among fellow Republicans.
  • Structure in support of the above objectives incorporated into the CCRP By-Laws and Caucus and Convention Rules.
  • A Republican Party which more effectively promotes principles of small government, low taxes, and individual and economic freedom.
  • A Republican Party which vigorously defends, upholds and educates citizens about our rights under the Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and their truths which are self-evident.
  • Elect Officers and Board Members who support these objectives.
  • Attempt to incorporate these objectives into the WSRP.
  • Develop candidates who will advance these principles.
  • A Republican Party which is a hospitable place for conservative / grassroots / liberty candidates and activists.
  • Acting as individual citizens, strive to elect candidates who support these principles and objectives.
  • For the PCO Liberty Alliance to be a support system – both during and after election campaigns – for PCO candidates and elected PCOs who support these objectives.


The PCO Liberty Alliance (PCOLA) was founded to support and help elect Republican PCO candidates who 1) generally support the published objectives of PCOLA; and 2) would like to leverage the collaborative structure of PCOLA for their election. PCOLA expressly does not endorse, recommend or fund any non-PCO political candidate, political policy, initiative, or any other activity unrelated to the explicit objective of helping its allied PCO candidates become elected. The views and actions of the individual PCO candidates associated with the PCOLA group and founding members of PCOLA, acting as individuals, are neither controlled nor endorsed in any way by PCOLA. Links to other resources from any PCOLA website are for informational purposes and the content of any linked resource is not fully reviewed or endorsed in any way by the PCO Liberty Alliance. The appearance of any political candidate in front of PCOLA associated PCO candidates or at any PCOLA sponsored event does not imply PCOLA endorsement of the candidate in any way. Any information distributed at any PCOLA event or to any PCOLA list is strictly educational in nature and in no way implies endorsement of any person, initiative or local or national issue.