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Robert Klinefelter - BaltimoreI’m Robert Klinefelter, I and my wife Velvet have been living in Longview since 2002. I’m retired from United Airlines customer service for about 34yrs. I lived in Las Vegas over 30yrs and was in real estate investing and rentals, also had a small trucking company and a cement curbing business. I’m a strong believer in GOD & COUNTRY.

I’m a Christian and a Marine Veteran who believe in the sovereignty of WE THE PEOPLE who wrote the contract called the Constitution that created government and public servants, to do what WE allowed them certain things to do for WE THE PEOPLE. I want to pick people that only have the values of Americans as our original founders had that created government and public servants which means that WE are the Masters of the government WE created. Lets wake up Americans.

Another thing that I will do is to make sure that the city council, Manager, LVPD, obeys the law and stops the semi-trucks over 14000 lbs. from using Nichols Blvd., and lower the speed limit to make it safer.

“All codes, rules and regulations are applicable to the government authorities only, not human/Creators in accordance with God’s laws. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process.” Rodriques vs. Ray Donavan (U.S. Department of Labor), 769F. 2d 1344. 1348 (1985).  Government must obey the law.

Semper Fi,

Robert Klinefelter, 1511 Nichols Blvd., Longview, WA.

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