Precinct 62 / Toutle – HOLLY R FINEHOUT

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Holly Finehout
Long time Toutle Resident

As a descendant of our Revolutionary War Freedom Fighters, I have a deep desire to keep their Legacy going.  It is time now to stand up with the moral values and principles that guided our Founding Fathers.  We have allowed the Federal Government to become so powerful that it has taken away the rights of the States.  How do we turn it around?  The key is our Elected Servants.

You and I are today’s Freedom Fighters.  I have the opportunity to serve my country by taking your voice to the Republican Convention.  This is where it is determined what the Republican Party Platform will be, (what we want to fight for), and Who will run to represent us.

I appreciate this opportunity to be yours eyes, ears and voice for the upcoming elections.  Let’s Do This!

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