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Jolene Williamson-TowerHi my name is Jolene Williamson,

I live in Castle Rock, WA and have been a lifelong resident of Cowlitz County.  I live along the Toutle River with my husband and three sons. We enjoy fishing, camping and various outdoor recreation in our lovely Pacific Northwest. I became interested in the way our country was headed when many issues came up that disturbed me as a taxpayer, property owner and citizen and prompted me to get involved and take action.

I believe, like many of you, that our government has grown way out-of-control and becoming extremely unsustainable with trillion-dollar deficits and a generation-burdening national debt. This government has ignored the Constitution that defines us; invaded the liberty from which our nation was born; and daily drains away the individuality and entrepreneurial spirit of Americans in order to advance a radical, socialist policy built on the back of American taxpayers. I, like many of you, decided to stand up and do something about it.

These are my core principles supporting the United States Constitution as the Founders intended, such as:

  • Limited federal government
  • Individual freedoms
  • Personal responsibility
  • Free markets
  • Returning political power to the states and the people

I became PCO in 2014 defeating my opponent and am asking for your votes again in this upcoming election. After talking to some of you at the last caucus I learned most of us were concerned about the same issues, and I would be honored to represent you and the rest of the voters of Tower Precinct.

Thank you,

Jolene Williamson

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