Precinct 66 / West Kelso – JARED FRANKLIN

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Jared Franklin- West KelsoMy name is Jared Franklin and I am your current PCO.  During this term of office I have been quite active promoting Republican values in a variety of ways.  I have represented you at every Republican Central Committee meeting, where I have been a part of passing binding resolutions to inform elected officials that violations of the 2nd amendment will not be tolerated and neither will raising taxes.  These resolutions are vehicles by which we can censure officials for their improper votes.

I have worked Republican events at the County fair and the Go4th fair, as well as participated from the start in the founding of the Republican Liberty Caucus, an organization that focuses on the Constitution and individual rights.

I ran for Kelso City Council and won a seat on the council, where I have represented you largely by voting against the abuse of city funds for projects that put a burden on the budget with no real pay-off to the citizenry.  My job recently was made hard because of an incident that was contentious and mislabeled as a hit and run.  It was no such a thing.  Part of this was driven by the belief that my past issues with drug abuse and consequent trouble with the law meant that I must be a bad person.  My past is something that I keep to myself, but the lessons I have learned are with me every day.  My debt to society has been paid.  I am now considerably wiser than before and focused on real values and real solutions.

I ask that you vote for me to permit me to continue the work of making the Republican Party grass roots, rule of law, and principled organization.

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