The End of “Divide and Conquer” We must hang together or surely we will hang separately

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Jun 12, 2012 Comments Off on The End of “Divide and Conquer” PLA Admin

We have watched a culture develop in our GOP, both nationally and here in Clark County, where one faction within the party is pitted against another, the end result being the continued empowerment of the establishment.

As one group is vilified by others, and another group is ostracized by those in power, we have seen a culture which does not welcome new supporters.  There seems to be a “big fish in a little pond” mentality which has the potential to relegate Republicans to minority status in this state for years to come if it is not cured.  It became apparent to us recently that the grassroots conservatives, liberty, tea party, values-oriented and other conservative voters together far outnumber the narrow view of what has become known as “establishment politics” within the party, and a simple unification would empower us to advance certain principles we all hold dear.

Once we realized that the pitting of factions against each other was serving no purpose other than to continue to empower the establishment mentality we all wanted to change, we decided it was time to come together and identify the binding principles and objectives for our Clark County GOP which we have in common.  We are groups of people who have always desired to advance our principles, and we have lamented while “the establishment” sets as its priority the primary objective of simply “to win”.  We do not merely desire to win elections, we desire to win back our culture and our country.  To that end we intend to win elections by actually promoting our principles, beginning in each precinct, and building the organic support for the principles which are responsible for the most successful and the most free country on earth.  This will naturally result in more candidates willing to stand strong for these principles.

We may compromise politics in order to advance our principles.  But we still believe we should never compromise our principles in order to advance politics.

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