Election Results Are In – Update Pending

Aug 26, 2012 Comments Off PLA Admin

Thank you everyone for your patience.  Updating our website with results is a bit daunting at the moment given our current rush to develop our general election cycle strategy. Our current count is: 83 "Allied" + 6 "Preferred" + 5 "Friendly/Supporter" + 7 "Prospect".  This list is still developing.  "Prospects" are people who have stated an interest ...

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PCO Results Pending

Aug 12, 2012 No Comments ›› PLA Admin

Congratulations to all our PCO Candidates and all their hard work.  It has paid off!  It looks like we won 44 of our contested races and have two other tied races outstanding.  Combined with our approximately 50 allied and preferred candidates who were unopposed, this is a phenomenal result. We will be posting our PCO results ...

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VIDEO: PCO Sign Thief Caught In Video Sting Operation

Jul 31, 2012 No Comments ›› PLA Admin

Well, after having our signs disproportionately targeted for theft -- often with thieves leaving other republican signs behind, we decided to create a little sting operation. Using a combination of human and technological assets, one of our most egregious sign thieves was caught on tape.  The Sheriff's office is investigating.  

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PCO Liberty Alliance

Clark County Voters — What to do next!

Jul 19, 2012 Comments Off PLA Admin

Elect PCOs who support PCO Liberty Alliance objectives! How? 1) Find out who is your PCO Liberty Alliance Candidate (for your precinct). Click Here to go to the Precinct/Candidates page, use the MyVote link to look up your precinct, then find your precinct on our page and discover if you have a PCO Liberty Alliance candidate running in ...

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Columbian Interviews PCO Liberty Alliance

Jul 14, 2012 No Comments ›› PLA Admin

The Columbian interviewed the PCO Liberty Alliance on Friday, July 13, 2012.  Here is an excerpt: ...a group made primarily of Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum supporters from the county convention have formed the PCO Liberty Alliance in an effort to reform the party at the county level and defend against an "establishment mentality" ...

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Welcome to the PCO Liberty Alliance!

Jun 12, 2012 Comments Off PLA Admin

Here you can find out about our political objectives, and the PCO Liberty Alliance candidates who support them. You can find profiles of our allied candidates, information about what a Precinct Committee Officer is and does, and ways that you can help improve our Clark County GOP. We want a more open party which facilitates ideas and ...

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The Establishment Ballgame

Jun 12, 2012 Comments Off PLA Admin

by Daniel Poletti, PCO Elect, Precinct 635, LD 17 From time to time, I will be posting things I have learned as I delve into the elections process in Washington. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I am under the distinct impression that most of the public doesn’t understand how the system works. Today’s ...

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Thoughts on What a PCO Should Be

Jun 12, 2012 Comments Off PLA Admin

by Daniel Poletti, PCO Elect, Precinct 635, LD 17 A few thoughts about the upcoming PCO race: I believe very firmly that anyone wanting to be a PCO should be thinking first about the people in their precinct and their interests. This is in direct contrast to what I have seen so far among the existing PCO ...

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About the PCO Liberty Alliance

Jun 10, 2012 Comments Off PLA Admin

The PCO Liberty Alliance is a grassroots organization that consists of like minded PCOs and PCO Candidates who have gathered together around a set of binding principles in order to further common political objectives. These binding principles significantly revolve around having a small federal government, local control whenever possible, and having a local republican party ...

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The PCO Liberty Alliance (PCOLA) was founded to support and help elect Republican PCO candidates who 1) generally support the published objectives of PCOLA; and 2) would like to leverage the collaborative structure of PCOLA for their election. PCOLA expressly does not endorse, recommend or fund any non-PCO political candidate, political policy, initiative, or any other activity unrelated to the explicit objective of helping its allied PCO candidates become elected. The views and actions of the individual PCO candidates associated with the PCOLA group and founding members of PCOLA, acting as individuals, are neither controlled nor endorsed in any way by PCOLA. Links to other resources from any PCOLA website are for informational purposes and the content of any linked resource is not fully reviewed or endorsed in any way by the PCO Liberty Alliance. The appearance of any political candidate in front of PCOLA associated PCO candidates or at any PCOLA sponsored event does not imply PCOLA endorsement of the candidate in any way. Any information distributed at any PCOLA event or to any PCOLA list is strictly educational in nature and in no way implies endorsement of any person, initiative or local or national issue.